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Nationals Update #3

So much for sleep…

Just before 6:30 AM, Wedali became the unofficial USARA national champions, with Team Tecnu Extreme/Staphaseptic in hot pursuit.  Wedali began the final section 46 minutes behind Tecnu, but the Minnesotans flew through the orienteering course to punch in roughly 3 minutes ahead of the crew from the left coast.

ATP is well-positioned for a third place finish, but Team SOG could be nipping at their heals.

On the local scene, Team EMS came through TA 14 a few hours ago to head out on the final o-section.  Jen took a quick catnap as Joe and Jeff talked strategy, but looked raring to go when they left the ski lodge.

Suze Falvey and the gentlemen of Sogknives.com (the “old Sog,” as they lovingly called themselves) went out on the o-course half an hour ago with plans to secure the closer points and abandon the outliers.  Their spirits were high and they looked strong and steady on their feet.

Berlin Bike left to tackle the o-course minutes ago, reporting a deep chill.  They warmed up in the ski lodge for a bit before taking off on foot.

We’re still awaiting the arrival of NYARA, NYARA/Krell Fabrications, ARMD, and of course, our beloved GOALS gang.

Update: 7:17 AM – NYARA just pulled in on their bikes, and are getting ready to transition to the final o-section.  Both NYARA and Berlin Bikes reported seeing GOALS out on the course, so they should be arriving to transition imminently.


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