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A Reunion of Sorts

This morning, I slept in.  Normally, my internal alarm clock wakes me up between 6:00 and 6:30, but today it decided to hit the snooze button, and after stirring at 7:00, I fell back to sleep until the blissful hour of 8:30.

I got up, lazed around for a few minutes, ate a little breakfast, and then did something I haven’t done in well over a month.

I went for a run.

Between hiking in the Andes and training for Untamed, I haven’t been out for a real run since the start of the summer.  Sure, there were a handful of miles here and there that we’d run during one of our hikes, and there was the quick loop that Brent and I tackled in the dark at Valley Forge last week, but heading out with the intention of just zoning out for a five or seven or ten miles has eluded me.

I decided on an old standby of a route: a couple miles down to a gravel towpath, a couple more along the creek, and then another one back up out of the valley.  It took a little while for me to settle into a rhythm, but soon enough it was just me and my garmin, chugging along amidst the dozens of walkers, runners,  bikers, and horseback-riders sharing the path.

I didn’t feel great, but I didn’t feel bad, either.  I felt good.  Normal.  Like I was out for a run.

I passed by my intended turn up the hill and continued on down the towpath, wanting to extend that feeling just a little bit longer.


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