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Life Lessons

Brent and I are currently in Quito, after spending the better part of the past week at an electricity-less mountain lodge just outside of Cotapaxi National Park, in the Ecuadorian Andes.

It was a week filled with excitement and adventures, and I picked up a handful of life lessons along the way as well.

(1) Mountain biking down a volcano – very cool.  Mountain biking down a cobblestone road – not so much.

(2) When hiking through a hailstorm, always make sure that you have a spare pair of shoes waiting for you at the end.

(3) As much as you resist, sometimes antibiotics really do work wonders.

(4) You can spend five days with wonderful, dynamic, engaging people – and that can be enough.  You don’t always need to make plans to keep in touch.

(5) There are a lot of people out there traveling around the world.  But traveling the world doesn’t always make a person worldly.

Three more days of Andean adventures, and then it’s back to the other side of the equator…


One response to “Life Lessons

  1. Denise July 16, 2010 at 1:39 pm

    i can't imagine the things you learn while your on your adventures. safe travels back home!

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