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Turning In

I’ve had a little bit of a rough day up here in northern New Hampshire.  In addition to talking to my family before and after they Ralph to sleep at 2 PM, I’ve been fighting sniffles and sneezes and chills for the better part of the last 30 hours.  I know I’m not feeling nearly as bad as the racers are right now, but hey, I didn’t come up here to prove anything.

So, I’m begging out of Race Central to try to catch a decent night’s sleep, with hopes of returning to the course at dawn to greet teams before they head to the ropes.  By then they will have been fed and entertained by Joe Brautigan and the EMS crew up at the mountain-top Oasis (with homemade rosemary bread to boot!), and will hopefully be feeling strong as they begin Day 3.
Unless there’s a problem to report, don’t expect any updates from me for awhile, as I’m not sure what cell and wireless coverage will be like out on the trails.  But when I return, I’ll bring with stories and pictures up the wazoo!
Rest well, pooch-nic… We’ll miss you.


One response to “Turning In

  1. The Happy Runner July 11, 2009 at 1:09 pm

    Hope the sleep helps and you feel better. And, I'm so sorry about your dog 😦

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