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Time Crunch

GOALS found themselves in third place when they came into the Jefferson Inn transition, having earned a four-hour time credit on the trek section.  They’re trailing both ATP and Merrell, who each gained eight-hour credits.
The team was pushing hard heading onto the bike, anxious about making the 5 PM time cut-off after the 25k paddle up (yes, up) the Connecticut River on the New Hampshire/Vermont border. 
Bruce reported feeling good, but hot.  Brent was downing handful of cheeseballs.  Jon was frustrated about a team miscommunication about the timing of the cut-off, and worried they wouldn’t get off the water in time.  “Well, we’ve got what we’ve got at this point,” said Tracey, in her thick Scottish brogue, “so let’s get going and see what we can do.”  She was smiling as she shoveled potato chips into her mouth and pulled on her helmet.
Berlin/EMS came in a few minutes behind them, but spent awhile longer in transition.  Jenn Shultis reported that the team wasn’t clicking on the nav front, but she felt confident that if they could just get to the cut-off in time, they’d be able to regroup during the night.  They were all smiling as they refilled their water bottles and changed into their bike shoes.  Jenn reported that it felt like they’d been racing for a lot longer than 24 hours.  “But we’re having fun,” said Ben.  “Fun being a relative term,” replied Ernie.
Margaret – Bruce’s wife – reported that she just missed the team getting onto the river, and she suspected that they might be one of the last teams allowed on.  
So the question is: who will make it to CP 19 in time to remain in the premiere division?  Two hours, four minutes and counting…
Some pictures from the transition:





One response to “Time Crunch

  1. Team Satori July 10, 2009 at 7:30 pm

    Awesome updates!!!!This race is intense!-Josh

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