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Pre-Race Musings

It was a leisurely morning up here in northern New Hampshire.  Team GOALS rolled out of bed around 7 AM with a solid 7.5 hours of sleep behind them.  They showered and dressed, and a couple even splurged for the lodge’s breakfast smorgasbord before driving over to the Golf Pro Shop for the pre-race registration.  Gear was weighed, maps were organized, and hydropel was liberally applied.  At 12:11 PM, Jon picked up the passport, and the teams were off and pedaling.
I have to admit, it’s hard to say goodbye to someone you love and send them off into the woods for 72 hours, not knowing when you’ll hear from them or see them… especially when it’s their first time in a multi-day event!  When I’m racing, I’m able to push the dangers of the sport out of my mind and focus on the task at hand, but as a spectator, there’s not a whole lot else to think about.  I choked up a bit as the team got ready to go, but made sure that Brent didn’t spot any of the tears.  No need for him to worry about me, on top of everything else!
A few pictures from the start of the day:
Official Team Photo: All Clean and Shiny

Lots of Maps

BIG Maps

Ready to ride…

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