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Notes from the Field

I just got back to Race Central after a few hours out on the course.  Teams are reporting a lot of mechanical issues on the bike, due in large part to the deluge that the area has incurred over the last several weeks.

GOALS got onto the water in 9th place, only 22 minutes behind the leaders.  FOG Team ATP came into the TA nine minutes earlier, in 6th place.  Scott Pleban reported a lot of mud on the course, but seemed to be in good spirits as he scarfed down a bag of chips en route to the boats.  NYARA hopped off their bikes just a minute or two after GOALS, and Jay reported far too much hike-a-bike for his liking.   
All of the teams pushed the pace to get onto the water, only to get waylaid by the rapids.  Nearly every team flipped their boats (one canoe and one single kayak for each four-person team) within the first 200 meters.  Fortunately, the rain has washed away most of the rocks, so racers floated downstream until the waters calmed and they were able to regroup.
It was reported that Berlin/EMS experienced at least one flat tire between CP 2 and CP 3.  As of 5:00 PM, they had not arrived at the boat TA. 
Some pictures to CP 4:

Amy of Team NYARA

Rodney and Bruce of NYARA

Brent and Tracey

Scott Pleban of ATP

Jay of NYARA

Bruce and Brent

Bruce – multitasking
Can’t seem to get this one to rotate…

One response to “Notes from the Field

  1. RunningLaur July 10, 2009 at 1:54 am

    Looks like so much fun! Keep up the good work!!

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