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And they’re off…

Reporting live from the Balsams Resort, here in sunny (yes, sunny!) Dixville Notch, New Hampshire.

Less than an hour ago, 44 teams took to the trails for the 2009 Untamed New England, one of the premiere multi-day adventure races in the United States this year.  For the next 72 hours, racers will traverse more than 200 miles on foot, bike, and paddle, working to earn a spot in the 2009 Adventure Racing World Championships in Portugal this fall.
I’m stationed here at Race Central as a member of the media team, so for the duration of the event, I’ll be helping to stream live coverage of the race.
For official race progress, check out http://www.UntamedNE.com/Live/Race/default.aspx.  
For news on Brent, Bruce, John, and Tracey of GOALS ARA (and all of the Friends of GOALS (FOG) out on the course as well), keep checking back here.
Pictures and thoughts from the race start to follow in short order.

One response to “And they’re off…

  1. Denise July 9, 2009 at 6:15 pm

    So cool!! Have fun and keep us posted. Oh, and thanks for the good wishes. I can't wait till next wknd!

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