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Top Chef Marathon (or rather, Top Chef 12 Miler)

Today I decided to test my hip on a 12-mile run. Initially, I’d planned to head down to the 5.3 mile path a mile from my house and run along the creek. But after Brent’s near-demise on the icy trails and even-icier Drive yesterday, I decided it was time for Plan B.

With the latest Runners World in hand, I headed to the gym this morning with grand treadmilling ambitions. I thought I’d come up with a good strategy. I broke it up in my head into three four-mile sections, each with an increased pace. Here was the plan:

Mile 1: Watch the last few minutes of Down to You playing on the TV closest to me. I’m such a sucker for cheesy teeny bopper romantic comedies.

Miles 2-4: Alternate Runners World and Real World: Brooklyn (this came on after Down to You), savoring the magazine so as not to find my way to the back cover too early in the run.

Water. Request channel change to Bravo for a Top Chef marathon. I’ve never seen this show, but upon a friend’s suggestion, I thought it might hold my attention for at least one four-mile cycle.

Miles 5-8: Top Chef, with Runners World during the commercials.

Mint chocolate gu. Water.

Miles 9-12: Runners World, with a gym copy of Shape on hand for emergency.

Good plan, right?

I made it through 2.5 miles. In the span of that time, I had to push the ‘enter’ button on the machine exactly 20 times, as every minute it would beep and tell me “Sensor not registering user on belt.”


The gym was packed and all of the other treadmills had lines behind them. I left mildly demoralized, especially after I realized that I’d left my gu in the water bottle holder, but I perked up a bit when I stopped at the co-op on my way home and discovered blood oranges for $0.27. Mmm!

So, Plan C.

I may check the local TV schedule and revise accordingly for a return to the treadmill later this afternoon. Or, I may wait until tomorrow, ask my mom to drop me off at a local orienteering/trail running race, complete the course and then run the 10 miles home. The latter sounds more fun, but a lot more cold as well. If I had two functioning lungs, I wouldn’t think twice. But after a week and a half of being sick with no end to the raspy cough in sight, I’m thinking that the treadmill might be a safer bet.

Decisions, decisions…


4 responses to “Top Chef Marathon (or rather, Top Chef 12 Miler)

  1. Kim January 31, 2009 at 7:51 pm

    You totally crack me up. I was sooo proud of you as I read through all 1-12 miles. Good girl…And then…here’s what happened. Poor thing. That sucks. You had such a great plan!Even tomorrow sounds great with the trail run if you think your lungs can ‘hack’ it, I’d do that. But if you replay your treadmill plans again…that would do too. Whatever…have fun!

  2. N.D. January 31, 2009 at 7:51 pm

    well it sounded like a very good plan! I would not have made it through the 2.5! Sorry that didn’t work out! Good luck if you go again or maybe tomorrow? My run was horrendous today. Elapsed time: 3 hours, had to walk so many times it was ridiculous.

  3. RunToFinish February 1, 2009 at 7:52 pm

    Ok down to you is the only cheesey teen movie that I really hate, for what it’s worth.too bad about the dumb mill, I like zoning out to things like top chef when i have to do long runs. hope you were able to find some time!curious you start taking GU around mile 8? Just wondering if this is something i need to start considering if I’m working on speed… I don’t take anything at all now unless i get to like mile 16.

  4. aron February 2, 2009 at 9:23 pm

    oh my gosh i havent thought about that movie in forever!!! i owned it in college and would watch it over and over 🙂 hmmm i wonder where it went! GAH 12 miles on a treadmill is not a fun thing. hope another plan worked!

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