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Week One, In the Bag

Week one of the official Holiday Booty Buster Challenge is over, and oh, what a week it was!

I don’t generally need much external motivation to get myself moving (I have far too much energy for my own good), but I must say, the HBBC made being active this week more fun than usual. Not-running at the gym seemed a little bit less monotonous, stretching and lifting a little bit more productive. Plus, Brent and I worked the point-spread together, biking down to the rock gym and climbing together on Saturday morning. We’re streaky about working out together, but this is reminding me that we make a pretty good team!

Even better, after a couple weeks of blah-ness on the dissertation front (teaching/TA-ing is just so much more fun!), this week I saw a leap in productivity, in no small part because I spent my time multi-tasking, reading while biking, synthesizing while elliptical-ing. I had wanted to get through a book a day, or seven books for the week. There was no reading to be had this weekend, but I still managed six in total, and I’m stoked to start writing again at the beginning of January, putting on paper all of these ideas swimming around in my head.

And with all this reading and gym-ing, i’ve become acquainted with this great community of runners around the country, documenting their miles in the virtual world. Some bloggers tell tales of fantastic PRs and dramatic scenery on long runs; some are captivating writers and storytellers; some get to do cool things like review new energy bars and running products, for free (I want to learn how to get in on this!); and of course, some do all three. I’m not sure whether I’ll keep up on the lives of all these folks in the long-term, but it’s a nice way to stay connected during the off-season, and I suspect that I’ll find it equally as engaging once next season starts up and everyone’s racing to their hearts’ content.

So, in the first seven days of the challenge, I managed to rack up 70 points. I don’t know if I’ll be able to maintain that pace for the next three weeks, especially once we head up to New England to visit Brent’s family during the holidays (FitLife is a long way from Amherst, Massachusetts, and I know I won’t be up and running yet at that point). But it’s been a great distraction so far, and a great outlet for all of my non-running energy.

And now, onto latke making and cookie baking and exam grading and Eagles watching and present wrapping and, most exciting of all, reading about the African American-Communist alliance in the early 20th century. Gotta love those Communists…


2 responses to “Week One, In the Bag

  1. RunToFinish December 16, 2008 at 4:16 pm

    holy cow that’s an amazing amount of points!! Way to get to cracking, I definitely think reading and such makes me go longer.. i used to have a knack for reading while running on the treadmill, but my home mill doesn’t work for that as well.

  2. N.D. December 18, 2008 at 12:39 am

    Sounds like you’ve been busy!! Would love to get together after the new year. Starting to get anxious and uncomfortable!!!

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