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Can’t stay away for long…

After spending this morning biking around the Philly marathon course, cheering for my friends and freezing my toes (and my tush!) off, I am psyched!

Though I’ve done two races since the Ironman in September (the Philly Distance Run with my dad and the Edge Adventure Race with the GOALS Gals Gone Wild), I feel like I’ve been taking a breather for the last two months, and I’m itching to start training. I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow to deal with a nagging hip injury, but assuming there’s nothing serious going on there, I’m looking forward to ramping it up again in the next few weeks.

My schedule for 2009:

The Snowgaine – March 7-8 (a two-day, 16-hour snow-shoeing/x-country skiing orienteering race in upstate NY, with the night in between spent in the lap of luxury at the 1880 House Inn)

The Savage – April (the first GOALS adventure race of the year – a six-hour sprint)

The NJ Marathon – May 3 (BQ? Perhaps…)

The Longest Day – June 7 (the NYARA 12-hour-turned-26-hour adventure race in the Catskills area)

The Cradle of Liberty – June (If GOALS puts on their 24-hour race this year, I’ll be there, looking for redemption)

The Krista Griesacker Memorial Race – August (Brent and I are talking about skipping town for a few weeks in August. If we’re around, though, I’ll be trudging up Hawk Mountain in this 12-hour race, named in honor of an adventure racer and search-and-rescue instructor who died during a training exercise in Wyoming several years ago)

The Shag – September 26 (The NYARA 24-hour-turned-12-hour)

The Edge – October (Perhaps a repeat performance by GOALS Gals Gone Wild?)

Beyond that, who knows? Maybe a couple smaller races in July or August, depending on travel plans? Maybe USARA Nationals in Texas, if we qualify again? Maybe the Philly Marathon, if NJ isn’t successful as a BQ? The sky is the limit!

Let the games begin!


One response to “Can’t stay away for long…

  1. lilrunner N.D. November 23, 2008 at 9:30 pm

    NJ should be a great marathon. Then Philly as backup, you go!! You’re so close to the time. While I was in high spirits, walking is tough. I feel kind of disappointed in the whole thing, but when I do then I feel a swift kick and remember this isn’t normal circumstances! Once this little guy/girl comes out, I’m going to need to do some real running, so come March we should plan on doing some long runs as you prepare for your spring!! Your schedule looks great!

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