Have Dental Floss, Will Travel

Mapping the world, one waxy strand at a time…


This is fun, like those marathon surveys that we used to fill out to waste time in college…

My friend Natalie ‘tagged’ me on her blog. This apparently means that I’m supposed to pass this along to a handful of friends-with-blogs and then offer six random facts about myself.

Without further ado…


6 random (and potentially little-known) facts about me:

1. I’ve been a vegetarian since I was nine. When asked why, I tell people, “It was a pinata incident.” In my fifth grade spanish class, my teacher strung up a pinata in the shape of a bull. The pre-pubescent boys in my class pummeled the candy-filled beast. Somewhere deep in my brain, a connection was made. And the rest is history.

2. I am forever on a quest to find the perfect cake cone of vanilla-chocolate swirl soft-serve frozen yogurt. My search has taken me around the nation. I’ve sampled soft serve in Hawaii, Indiana, California, and Alaska, to name a few. I have yet to try frozen yogurt internationally, though the dark chocolate gelato at Vivoli in Florence is definitely in the running.

3. Before I die, I want to open a small independent movie theater. I’ll cover the walls of the lobby with all of the ticket stubs I’ve saved since seventh grade. Each year, I’ll show the Oscars on the big screen. And I’ll sit in the projection booth so that I can actually watch the show.

4. At my fifth birthday party – at an old farmhouse on the banks of the Chesapeake Bay – my six-month-old sister floated out to sea in a pink inner-tube. My dad realized she was gone within minutes and swam out to get her. I was secretly disappointed.

5. In 2006, I decided to run a marathon in order to get over my deep-seated fear of running. It worked!

6. I’m a rational and analytical person to a fault (this should not be news to anyone who knows me). On February 3, 2006, Brent and I went on our first ‘date’ – for tea, at the Barnes and Noble in Jenkintown. I’d just pulled my first and only all-nighter of law school, and he was sick. It was not the highlight of our relationship, but good enough to warrant a second date. The next night, I went to his house to watch a movie. As I was driving home that evening, I sent a text message to two friends: “Shit, I’m going to marry this kid.” This was not rational. This was not analytical. I did not tell him about this epiphany. Two days later, he asked me how long he should wait to propose.


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