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When Gear Goes Wrong

So, I got a little worried out there. I biked out of Madison to Timber Rd and waited and waited and waited. Turns out she got a flat and found that she had the wrong type of tube! Almost an hour later another athletestopped to give her a tube. Thankfully that was it for gear and wardrobe malfunctions. Steve caught her next in the town of Verona; from what I hear it was a fair-like setting with tents, food and shuttled-in fans. Meanwhile I had biked across the loop and saw her 15 or so miles into the second go round. After seeing her and heading toVerona myself Imet her near the century mark, rode with her for a mile or so and was impressed with her energy levels and good cheer. Other than a “really gnarly knee” she was feeling good after a 10 mile slump. She finished the 112 mile bike, hopped off the bike and I kid you not sprinted into the TA. On the way out for the marathon, she was all smiled. She ran off saying “I feel strong”.
So, we expect her to finish between 10 and 11 here in WI. I’m off to go find her out on the run…


One response to “When Gear Goes Wrong

  1. N.D. September 8, 2008 at 1:20 am

    I keep checking the results – you are doing great! WAY TO GO!! You’re so inspiring!

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