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On the Shores of Lake Manona

And they’re off!
Team Abby made it in just fine yesterday, and after a pizza dinner and good night’s sleep we arose at 4:30 to get our racer to the start. Thankfully, with help from Steve, I managed to put that bike back together.
The race began with the elites getting a 15 minute headstart and then the rest took off under a rising sun. A few facts from Wisconsin:

2160 racers give or take
Almost 50% are first timers
Water temp: 71 degrees
Total miles to cover: 140.6… I think, I teach History not Math
Time allowed on course: 17 hours

Abby’s hope 13-14 hours…or longer

But you never know, I’ hoping for a trip to Hawaii:)

Abbé was excited for the swim, unlike most racers. This is her time to shine and start out on a high note. Hopefully a strong swim will set the tone for the rest of the day. I’m off to the roof to watch the second lap of the swim.

-The Spectating Luddite


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