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Ironman: Wisconsin

If anyone out there is interested, I am going to TRY to post updates from Madison when possible. Abby is out there now, getting her bike together, sorting gear and lining up the calories for over 140 miles of racing on Sunday. I think it’s safe to say she is feeling a mixture of pure adrenaline and bouts of terror, and I have already heard reports of shockingly muscled men who are intimidating to say the least. I’m feeling a bit anxious myself thanks to the reports of impending weather tomorrow and high winds, which hopefully will subsist in the morning and allow Steve and me to take off.
Anyhow, I’ll have my new and ever so exciting I-Pod Touch with me, so if I can pick up some internet connection during the day on Sunday and I have anything more to add other than what is posted on Ironman’s online tracking, I will post what I can. But forgive me now; if you’re not familiar with the Touch, typing is not nearly as easy as using a keyboard, so entries will be brief and likely full of spelling and grammatical errors…
Finally, it’s ironic as I mention my love of the I-Pod, but I like Abby’s use of “luddite”. So until further notice or until someone proposes something better, I’ll drop the title “Guest Blogger” and go with the “Running Luddite”.

Everyone send Abby your good wishes, and don’t forget to track her on the website and check here to see if I get internet coverage while I walk, bike and who knows what else around Madison in pursuit of our Ironman hopeful. If you post comments for her and I can get them, I will pass them along to her when I see her…if possible:)

-The Running Luddite


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