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"The World’s Most Challenging Human Endurance Competition"

At 9:00 AM (Mountain Standard Time) on Monday morning, Primal Quest will commence. With the underwhelming blare of a bullhorn, 50+ teams from around the world will embark on an epic trek across Montana’s Big Sky country. Over the course of 5 (or 10) days, these co-ed groups of four will navigate, bike, run, paddle, climb, hike, swim, and likely crawl 500 or more miles, traversing over 100,000 feet of elevation change and encountering everything from ankle-breaking boulder fields, to white-water riverboarding, to grizzly bears and mountain lions and yellowstone wolves, to – this year – feet of fresh snow.

This year’s race will feature none other than Philadelphia’s own Team GOALS ARA (http://www.goalsara.org/gara_tmgoals.html… note the two Mount Airy locals on the website, too!) – Bruce Wong, Jeremy Kuhlen, Jon Neeley, and Ali Bronsdon – as well as fellow GOALS teammate Tracey Robertson racing in Primal Quest as part of Team Shasta/Core Concepts.

For a great intro to the race – and the sport of adventure racing in general – check out Ali’s blog.

And once the clock strike 9 on Monday morning, go to http://www.ecoprimalquest.com/wp-primal/pq/ and click on ‘leadership and tracking’ at the top of the page to chart their progress and send shout-outs and color commentary to these amazing racers.

It’s off to the races – and don’t forget the bear spray!


One response to “"The World’s Most Challenging Human Endurance Competition"

  1. N.D. June 25, 2008 at 12:25 pm

    Good luck this weekend!! The trip sounds great, and so do the olympic trials!! I like that idea!

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